Cloverleaf Absolute Pearls XL 2 Pack + 50% Free

Cloverleaf Absolute Pearls XL 2 Pack + 50% Free

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Key Features

  • Includes 2 XL Pearls +50% Extra FREE
  • Rapidly Reduces Dangerous Nitrite and Ammonia
  • Helps Maintain a Healthy Pond
  • Advanced Bacterial Delivery
  • Suitable with Koi and all Ornamental Fish. Promotes Crystal Clear Water. Treats up to 60,000L (20,000L per Pearl)


Cloverleaf Absolute Pearls are a natural product that contains millions of microscopic nitrifying bacteria and bio active Enzymes that rapidly go to work in your pond.

Designed to take care of breaking down harmful levels of Nitrite and Ammonia, Cloverleaf Absolute Pearls clear up any waste build up in your filtration systems and helps to keep your pond looking crystal clear.

How to use Absolute Pearls:

Simply drop an Absolute Pearl ball into your pond filter or straight into your pond water. One 50mm Absolute Pearl will treat up to 20,000L and can not be over dosed.

For a Limited Time Get 50% Extra Free!


Includes: 3x XL Absolute Pearls

Treats up to: 20,000L per Pearl (60,000L per pack)

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