Bermuda Pond Sludge Water Treatment

Bermuda Pond Sludge Water Treatment

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Key Features

  • Helps keep ponds clean, clear and healthy
  • Reduces maintenance of pond filters
  • Removes Harmful waste
  • Reduces chances of oxygen problems
  • Various sizes available


Bermuda Pond Sludge assists in the quick clearing of sludge in any pond.

Pond water can become cloudy due to the presence of heavy silt and waste deposits. Decomposing organic matter and general fish waster will collect together and form layers at the bottom of the pond. Having sludge in a pond can present dangers to the fish and wildlife inside. Harmful pathogens can be present and the overall oxygen levels of the water are compromised.

The Pond Sludge treatment contains natural bacteria which consume organic waste in the water to produce a cleaner healthier pond. By using the treatment, maintenance of the filter and overall cleaning of the system is reduced due to the absence of waste and sludge


250ml Treats 4546 Litres (1000 Gallons)

500ml Treats 9092 Litres (2000 Gallons)

1 Litre Treats 18184 Litres (4000 Gallons)

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