Bactoplus Fresh PSB Water Treatment 2L

Bactoplus Fresh PSB Water Treatment 2L

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Key Features

  • Absorbs large quantities of organic waste, reducing ammonia.
  • Creates healthier environment for fish and enhances Koi colour.
  • 100% biological treatment, no colourants or preservatives.
  • Works with light, able to be used in larger quantities.
  • 10ml per 1000 litres of water over 5 days.


BactoPlus Fresh PSB, living photosynthetic bacteria for superior water quality. 

Living PSB bacteria, active immediately after use. Improves water quality and clarity by removing ammonia and other organic waste from your pond water, resulting in a healthier pond, perfect for fish. 

The PSB bacteria uses light instead of consuming oxygen. This means it can be used in higher doses for larger coverage in bigger ponds. 

The red colour of BactoPlus Fresh PSB is caused by the carotene from the bacteria. When consumed by Koi, it can improve their overall colouring, resulting in a brighter more impressive look.

With no artificial colourants or preservatives, BactoPlus Fresh PSB is completely biological and safe for your pond. 


Quantity - 2000ml

Dosage - shake well before use. Use at water temps above 12°c

Add at least 10ml per 1000 litres of water, for 5 days (2 litre = 5x 10,000 litres)

Ensure all UV equipment and ozone generators are turned off for 24 hours after dosage is applied. Store in a well lit, frost free location to keep bacteria alive. 

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