Bermuda Greenwater Pond Water Treatment

Bermuda Greenwater Pond Water Treatment

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Key Features

  • Easy to use pond treatment
  • Rapidly clears green water
  • Enhances mechanical filtration
  • Safe for fish and wildlife
  • Various Treatment Sizes


Bermuda Greenwater Pond Treatment is an effective and easy to use treatment.

Garden ponds can be effected by green or pea green soup looking algae. Greenwater is caused by sudden seasonal changes or exposure to strong sunlight.

The Greenwater treatment acts quickly by clumping the floating algae together. Large clumps can then sink to the bottom of the pond or be sent to the filter where the biological filtration system can deal with it more effectively.

The treatment is an easy to use solution and is safe for all pond fish, plants and water using wildlife.


250ml Treats 5000 Litres (1100 Gallons)

500ml Treats 10000 Litres (2200 Gallons)

1 Litre Treats 20000 Litres (4400 Gallons)

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