Blagdon Pond Balance Water Treatments

Blagdon Pond Balance Water Treatments

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Key Features

  • Effective and safe blanketweed treatment
  • Safely adjusts pond water chemistry
  • Maintain healthy environment for fish and pond life
  • Easy to use
  • Various Sizes Avaiable


Use Interpet Pond Balance to safely and gradually adjust your ponds water chemistry, achieving a balance which promotes higher forms of plant growth, and at the same time creates conditions unsuitable for blanket weed.

Interpet Pond Balance has been proven over many years to be an effective and safe treatment for blanketweed

Each Treatment should be applied in three courses, varied weeks apart and when used in full treats a total volume as per the table below.

eg - Super Value Pond Balance (2719) - Is suitable to fully treat a 4546 Litre (1000 Gallon) Pond.


Item Name and Model Number For Ponds Up To
Small Pond Balance (2716) 2273 litres (500 gallons)
Super Value Pond Balance (2719) 4546 litres (1000 gallons)
Medium Pond Balance (2717) 13638 litres (3000 gallons)
Trade Bucket Pond Balance (2718) 254000 litres (56000 gallons)

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