Blagdon Clean Pond 5 in 1 Clean Pods

Blagdon Clean Pond 5 in 1 Clean Pods

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Key Features

  • 5 in 1 cleaning pods
  • For use with Blagdon Clean Pond Machine Filters
  • Clears Blanketweed, feeds plants, eats pond sludge, makes tapwater safe and reduces filter cleaning
  • Add to dosing chamber of Clean Pond Filters and let them work. Use 1 pod per 500 Litres pond water.
  • Available in various pack sizes


Blagdon Clean Pond Pods are an easy to use cleaning system for use with the Blagdon Clean Pond Filters.

The unique formation of chemicals and beneficial bacteria is contained in one safe to use soluble pod. Each pod can be added to the dosing chamber on the pond filter. The pouches harmlessly dissolve releasing gentle active ingredients into the filter. From there the pods work through the filter and into the pond water

The pods are all in one water treatments that are pet and wildlife friendly.

Each pod helps to clear blanketweed, eats pond sludge and reduces filter maintenance. The pods can also be used to make tapwater safe and feeding aquatic plants, encouraging growth

The Clean Pond Pods can also be used in direct to pond use and with other filter systems

Each pod treats 500 Litres.


Available in packs of 6, 12 and 24 pods

6 Pods – Treats 3000 Litres

12 Pods – Treats 6000 Litres

24 Pods – Treats 12000 Litres

75 Pods - Treats 36000 Litres

Always follow instructions when using with the Blagdon Clean Pond Machines.

Can be used direct into pond water and works with any pond or filter

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