Oase Pontec PondoAir Set 1200 LED

Oase Pontec PondoAir Set 1200 LED

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Key Features

  • Compact Pond Aerator
  • Decorative Lily top
  • Bright White LEDS
  • 1200 LPH fountain pump
  • Adds aeration to the pond by the venturi principle. Filter media included. 2 Year Guarantee

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Pontec PondoAir Set 1200 LED, a simple to install aerator for ponds.

The PondoAir Set 1200 is an all in one, complete and easy to install pond aeration set that reliability supplies vital oxygen for fish and plants living inside the pond.

The main body of the set has a powerful fountain pump that aerates the water using a venturi principle, drawing the air in from the decorative lily and passing it back through, creating a process of transferring the oxygen from the air to the pond water. The pump has a capacity of 1200 lph. The compact pump unit sits underwater and has pre installed filter foam and pebbles.

The top of the aerator has a decorative lily surrounding the small fountain head that floats on the surface. The lily adds colour and interest to your pond while providing a place for the fish to shelter, using the large leaf shaped base as a cover.

A set of 18 small bright white leds sits on the top of the under water aerator and creates effective uplighting effect. The LEDS are bright enough to reflect through the water and create a different atmosphere in the pond and illuminate the area in the dark.


Dimensions (LxWxH): 200 x 200 x 160mm

Max Flow Rate : 1200 LPH

Power: 21 Watts

Cable: 10 m

Guarantee: 2 Years

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