Blagdon Liberty Solar Powered Pond Oxygenator Air Pump

Blagdon Liberty Solar Powered Pond Oxygenator Air Pump

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Key Features

  • Solar Panel powered Air Pump
  • Max Flow of 60LPH
  • Pulse driven pump using a 5 second on and 12 second off pattern to conserve energy
  • Lithium Battery back up enabling the pump to run in all weathers
  • Dual outlet. 2 airstones and 2 floats provided. Contents include 0.8W Solar Panel with ground and wall fixings, 2 x 6ft Airline lengths, 2 airstones, 2 floats, 5 M of connecting cable. 3 Year Guarantee.


Ponds and the life inside need oxygen to help them thrive, adding this to an existing equipment set up is simple with the Liberty Pond Oxygenator.

The Oxygenator is a pulse driven air pump that provides the oxygen when needed with a maximum flow rate of 60 LPH. The Dual outlets provide essential air that pulses from the pump in a 5 second on and 12 second off pattern to two airstones that connect to the front positioned connections. The airstones are provided with floats, enabling you to position in the best place. As the pump circulates the air through, the airstones help to create oxygen rich bubbles adding the essential circulation needed in the pond system

The pump is powered by a 0.8W Solar Panel that connects easily to the Oxygenator by a 5m cable. The panel soaks up the suns rays to help power the pump and all surplus power is used to charge the Lithium battery back up, ensuring the Oxygenator continues to work through all weathers. A ground spike and wall fixings are provided, giving you options to secure the panel for the best access to the sun.

The air pump is simple to set up and its compact size and no complicated cables makes it ideal to tuck away around your pond or garden.



Max Flow Rate: 60 LPH

Solar Panel: 0.8W

Lithium Battery: 3.7V (800 mAH)

Contents; 1 x Oxygenator, 2 x Airstones with floats, 2 x 6ft lengths of airline, 1x Solar panel with ground and wall fixings, 5 m connecting cable (panel to pump)

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