Pisces Round Pond and Aquarium Air Discs

Pisces Round Pond and Aquarium Air Discs

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Key Features

  • 3 Sizes available, can be used in ponds and aquariums
  • Durable and washable, highly porous air stones
  • 100/130mm fits 4mm & 8mm Airline
  • 200mm fits 8mm Airline
  • Provides essential oxygen in the water. Helps to maintain healthy fish. Can be used with most airlines and air pumps. Also Available in 2 and 5 Packs.


Pisces Round Air Discs help to add oxygen to your pond or aquarium, assisting to enrich the water for the overall benefits of the life inside.

Adding an airpump and airstones to a pond or aquarium set up is a key component of any filtration system.

Air pumps work by circulating air and producing oxygen that is then dispersed into the water by a porous air stone or disc. This ensures vital air is getting to the fish and plants inside to promote healthy living.

The Pisces Round Air Discs can be connected to any air pump inside the pond or aquarium, and help to provide the beneficial air bubbles that add oxygen to the water.

The stones are encased with a plastic base to ensure they can be placed safely on any surface with the porous top of the stone facing up for maximum effect.

Each stone has a sturdy connection inlet for use with a range of airline tubing. (airline not supplied)


3 Sizes available

(Diameter x height)

108 x 19mm

Suitable for 4 -8mm airline

132 x 20mm

Suitable for 4 - 8mm airline

200 x 27mm

Suitable for 8mm airline

Available as 1, 2 and 5 packs

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