Velda Silenta Pro Pond and Aquarium Air Pump

Velda Silenta Pro Pond and Aquarium Air Pump

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Key Features

  • Robust and reliable Air Pump
  • Suitable for ponds and Aquariums
  • Low noise thanks to diaphragm design
  • Pro 1200 - 3600 will work up to 1.5m depth while the 4800 and 6000 will work up to 2.5m
  • Comes with 8mm airline, large airstones, a hose line splitter and air divider


The Velda Silenta Pro is a reliable Air Pump that provides all the essential oxygen needed to your pond life

Pond and Aquarium fish need a clean environment to live in, this includes water enriched with oxygen. Including an Air Pump helps to deliver the essential oxygen in a simple way

Velda Silenta Pro is a robust air pump with a metal casing, providing a long lasting pump. The pumps are quiet running system thanks to the diaphragms inside and have a low power consumption

Each pump comes with a 8mm diameter airline and large airstones that drive the air from the pump and out as beneficial bubbles. They also come included with a hose splitter connector as well as a 4/6mm outlet air divider.

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