Why Aeration is so Important for your Pond


Your pond is a thriving ecosystem containing fish and important micro-organisms that rely on oxygen to breathe, just as much as land-dwelling species. The only difference is that they take their oxygen from the water rather than the air.

Ponds (especially those that are man-made) can become stagnant and may lose oxygen if not properly cared for. For this reason, it is important to keep your pond aerated.

Aeration not only infuses oxygen into the pond, but the added water movement also helps to release harmful gases too. This will improve the water quality, and it will also aid in assisting with the overall circulation of your pond.

How to Ensure There's Enough Oxygen in Your Pond

You should aerate your pond as much as necessary to ensure that the water is well saturated with dissolved oxygen. Each pond is unique and may require more aerating than others, so it is best to check air pump specifications to make sure it is suitable for your pond.

The Oase OxyTex Air Pump 1000 set is ideal for aerating your pond, and features a maximum flow rate of 1000 litres p/h. This makes it perfect for ponds up to a maximum of 10m³ and includes a 2 year guarantee for peace of mind.

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Various factors can cause oxygen to leave your pond faster:

  • Respiration of animals and plants, which increases during periods of warm weather.
  • Water is less able to hold large volumes of water in hot weather.
  • As fish feed more during the summer they produce more waste which leads to a greater demand for oxygen.


For these reasons, it is essential to make sure that your air pump is switched on and in full working order during the summer months.     

How to Aerate Your Pond

You can easily add some extra pond equipment to aerate your pond. An air pump mechanically distributes air into your pond water from the bottom of the pond. This gives oxygen time to dissolve into the water before the bubbles reach the surface.

If you have a larger pond or simply want a more efficient system you can use air stones to position streams of air bubbles in different places around the base of your pond. Air stones are weighted down to allow them to sink and can be connected to your air pump to distribute airflow evenly to all parts of your pond.

To connect your air stones to your air pump you will need to create a network of airtight tubes which will transport air around your pond.

Airline tubing is available by the metre so you can create an oxygenation system of any size for your pond.

You can also use an air distributor with airline to evenly pump air around to a number of different locations, allowing you to cover more areas of your pond. This is a very good way of aerating the entire pond without the need for seperate air pump devices.

Pond Air Pumps can be used all year round, and additionally are very effective in the colder winter months as a way of reducing the risk of your pond freezing over. The pump will create bubbles and water movement that will help prevent the surface from freezing solid, which allows oxygen a natural way into the pond and the harmful waste gasses a way out.

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