Shine a Light on a Crystal Clear Pond

When you spend time stocking your pond with prize Koi, plants and water features it can be frustrating if you are suddenly faced with green water.

Green water is a common problem for pond keepers caused by a build-up of algae, which is suspended in the water giving it a green colour.

Algae can be caused by a combination of sunlight, excess nutrients and fish waste in the water. During the summer months, these three factors combine to make the appearance of algae a likely occurrence. 

There are many ways to deal with the green water but the most efficient is to add a UV clarifier to your pond filtration system. A UV clarifier consists of a submerged UV bulb, which is protected by a series of waterproof parts. <

It works in tandem with your filter to pass the water across the bulb. In doing this the UV light shines directly onto the green algae which break its cell walls, killing the organism and restoring clarity to your pond water. UV clarifiers also get rid of bacteria and pathogens by attacking their cells in the same way. 

Your clarifier consists of a series of important parts that protect the electrical components from your pond water. The bulb is contained in a Quartz sleeve which is sealed by O-rings.

Take a look at our post on UV components for advice about how to maintain your UV unit.

Although UV units are most costly at the outset than treatments for green algae, they treat the water using no chemicals and can help prevent green water as well as cure it. Whatever your budget there is a UV unit to suit you.

Prices start at around £30 for a small unit and up to around £120 for a larger kit. The wattage of the bulb you need is dependent on the size of your pond so it is important to check the specification before buying. 

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If you are just starting to put together pond filtration system, you may want to consider an all-in-one in unit, which combines a pump, filter and UV system. This is a space-saving and often cost-effective way to keep green algae at bay in your pond.

For first time pond keepers you can also purchase a bundle including a separate pump, filter and UV unit. Prices for all in one units and kits start at around £60

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