Keep Pond Pests at Bay


When you’ve worked hard to achieve a fully stocked pond it can be upsetting if pond pests start preying on your fish. Birds of prey such as herons and owls may be a welcome sight in some gardens but to a pond keeper they are garden pests that need be kept away from ponds.


There are two strategies you can employ to protect your fish stock from pond pests. The first is to deter them from coming near your pond in the first place, the second is to block their access so they can’t get near your fish.  We recommend using both approaches to keep your fish extra safe.


Placing objects around your pond to frighten birds and other pests away can be effective. These deterrents act like scarecrows for your pond and stop predators coming anywhere near your fish. Replica animals to make pests believe that another predator is already at the water. These make for decorative pieces as well as decoys.


There are also a range of clever gadgets which use light to frighten pests away. Reflective items, such as the velda Reflector Ball use amplified daylight to dazzle herons away from your pond. Light reflective items are available to float on your pond’s surface or to hang in nearby trees to scare herons away.


If cats or other mammals are your problem you may want to try a more high tech approach. A small, low electric fence can protect from four legged creatures. The shock is just enough to make a cat think twice about making off with one of your pond fish, but is harmless to animals and humans alike.


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To keep your pond extra safe you can cover its surface in order to stop pests carrying your fish away. The Floating Pond Protection Kit by Pisces is a clever invention which sits around your pond’s edge as this is where predator wait to catch fish. The net structure means that if fish swim to the water’s edge there are protected from being carried off. Pond Guard is made up of a set of individual net sections which can be clipped together in any shape. It also leaves the middle of the pond open for a great view of your fish


For a simpler solution covering your pond completely with a piece of Pond Netting can be effective. This is available by the metre and will keep both birds and mammals away from your pond fish.


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