Types of Food for Your Pond Fish

In their natural habitat, fish consume a number of different foods from algae, plants, insects and other fish. This ensures a strong and healthy balanced diet and needs to be replicated to keep them at their best when in the pond.


Making sure to provide a quality diet is important for keeping your fish in good health. Having a highly nutritious diet helps to reduce the amount of waste that your fish produce, which ensures your fish receive maximum nutrition and also helps to keep your pond water clean and clear.

There are a number of things to consider when choosing a food for your fish, such as:

The Season:     

Switching your fish over to a diet that is best suited to the time of year is an important part of making sure your fish receive the most nutrition and also helps them change between seasons. Fish are cold-blooded which means that their activity levels and metabolisms are affected as water temperatures climb and fall, so it is important to change their diets when appropriate.


The Type of Fish In Your Pond:     

Depending on the type of fish you keep will determine what food would be best to suit their requirements. Getting a general understanding of your fishes dietary needs will help you pick the best food for your fish. There is a wide range of foods to choose from, each catering for different needs.     

It is also important to take into consideration where your fish naturally prefer to feed from. Goldfish and Koi for instance happily feed at the surface of the pond, whereas Sturgeons and Sterlet prefer to eat at the bottom of the pond.     

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There is a wide range of foods to cater for different purposes such as:

Flake Foods – Flake food floats on the water surface, and then slowly sinks to the bottom of the pond. This type of food is particularly good for feeding fish that swim at mid-level.     

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Stick Foods – For fish that prefer to feed at the surface of the pond.     

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Pellet Foods – Pellet food can be found in both floating and sinking variations. Sinking Pellets are particularly useful for bottom feeders.     

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       Here at Aquatix-2u, we stock a wide variety of Fish Foods, so whether it is a food that is tailored to suit a specific species of fish or a staple diet that works well with a variety of different species, you can easily find a suitable diet for your fish.


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