Bring Life to your Pond with Velda

With over 40 years of experience and a wide range of innovative products, Velda has become a well-known name in the pond industry by producing easy to use, high quality products that make pond maintenance a breeze.

Velda provides simple solutions to common pond keeping problems such as dealing with fish illness and even deterring pests away from your garden and pond.


Pond Filtration:
Pond filtration is important for maintaining a healthy ecosystem in your pond. Velda produce pond filtration systems that come with an impressive array of features to help keep your pond clean and clear.

Performance leading systems such as the Clear Control Pressure Filter offer a hassle free option for pond filtration. Having 6 different features allows you to kick back and relax as the filter does all the hard work for you. Not only that, but they allow for additional UV-C or Heater units to be placed into the system, helping to maximise control and efficiency.

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Pest Deterrents
With their bright colours and visually appealing patterns, it is easy to see why pond fish may look like a tasty treat for pests such as cats or herons. Having wildlife around the pond can be both exciting and rewarding, but there are some species that are best kept away from your pond. Velda specialise in producing the best pest deterrents that are easy to use and offer humane methods of keeping predators away. Products such as reflector balls are great for deterring away herons and just simply float on the surface of your pond.

Click here to view the Velda Heron Stop Reflector Ball



Pond Planting:
Velda have plenty of unique and stylish ways of showing off your plants. From floating plant islands to Trendy Ponds, Velda give you various means of displaying plants everywhere and anywhere in your garden or home.
Why not enjoy your aquatic or house plants on the patio, balcony, or even in the house. Velda’s Tendy Ponds allow you to place your plants anywhere around the home and garden, and is made from strong and sturdy textiles.

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Another interesting and eye catching way of displaying your plants is to have them floating on top of your pond with Velda’s Floating Plant Island with Lighting. Light objects in the pond make for a visually stunning display especially at night when illuminated, and create a fantastic aura around your garden and pond.

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Whether you are looking for a pond filter, pump, planting accessories or fish food, it is worth looking to see what Velda have to offer.
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