Treat your Fish to Clean Clear Water

Keeping a healthy pond means creating an optimum environment for your fish. As your pond is as much of a living thing as the creatures that inhabit it, you can find yourself battling against natural contaminants such as green algae or weeds.

In addition to factors which enter your pond water once it’s outdoors, there are chemicals which are added to our tap water which are harmless for humans but not so good for your fish. However, help is at hand. There are many water treatments available to make sure your pond water is the perfect home for your fish.

Algae & Weeds:

Encouraging some plant life in your pond and controlling others can be a challenge. Algae and weeds can quickly overwhelm your pond, blocking your view and sunlight from getting to your fish.

Algae is easily recognised as it made up of tiny plant particles which turn the water green. Fortunately green algae (or green water as it is sometimes called) is easily treatable. A solution such as Cloverleaf’s Green Water Answer can remove algae and leave your pond clean and clear. This formula can be used every 5 days if the problem persists.

Certain types of weeds can also be a pest for pond keepers. Duckweed and blanket weed are similar to algae in that they can quickly take over your pond obscuring your view of your fish.

Treatments such as Cloverleaf Blanket Weed Answer and TAP No More Blanketweed Treatment makes it easy for you to scoop them out of your pond.

Ammonia & Nitrites:

Ammonia and nitrites can build up in your pond making it difficult for fish to breathe. High levels of these substances are particularly toxic and can result in problems with your fish’s’ liver, spleen and kidneys. 

If you notice fish gasping around the sides of your pond, this could be a symptom of high ammonia and nitrate levels in your pond. To check the levels of these harmful chemical use Tetra Pond 6 in 1 water test kits

If you find high levels of these chemicals in your pond water, you should change the water immediately.


Chlorine is commonly found in tap water to make it safe to drink. When you fill up your garden pond using your hose, chlorine is transferred. Chlorine is toxic to fish, so tap water needs to be treated in order to keep your fish healthy and happy. Banish Pond Dechlorinator Treatment  is a highly effective treatment which renders tap water safe for fish and pond plants. 


Sludge :

A combination of organic material and fishwaste can build up in your pond to make sludge. This thick matter can find its way into your filter systems and stop them from working. Using a sludge treatment such as

Cloverleaf Sludge Answer, regularly can prevent the build-up of sludge and keep your pond systems working efficiently. 

Bacteria, Fungus & Parasites:

These can directly affect your fish and make them ill. Treatments for fish diseases can be added to the pond water if one or more of your fish is already displaying symptoms.  Cloverleaf Malachite Answer Fish Treatment target fish diseases and prevent the spread to the rest of your stock.

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