Keep Your Pond Filter in Working Order

Pond filters are a complex piece of kit that requires regular maintenance and monitoring to make sure it is working in perfect order.

Things like dirt and debris can cause your filter to become clogged while regular knocks from fish, or simply being in the water can cause parts to crack, come loose or go missing.

Aquatix-2u supply the widest range of pond spares which makes it easy to replace damaged parts to enable you to repair your filter and keep it running for longer.   


Filter Foam

This is the part of the filter responsible for mechanical filtration. It helps extract debris and particles from your pond water, much like a sieve.

They will also provide an element of biological filtration, once enough good bacteria have established themselves inside them.

For this reason, your foam should only be rinsed out with pond water when dirty and never water from the tap. Eventually, your foam will become saturated and will start to perish. Therefore it will need to be changed every 1-2 years.

Changing your filter foam is simple, just remove the filter unit from the water, lift the lid and replace the foam inside.

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For biological filtration, your filter will use Bio-media. The media becomes home to helpful bacteria, which discourage the spread of unwelcome micro-organisms in your pond. It is able to do this as its porous structure gives it a large surface area for organisms to occupy.

Bio-media is easily removed and cleaned. However, it can become damaged during the general running of the filter or it can become saturated. When this happens this is also simple to replace. Just unscrew the filter, pour out the old media and replace it with the new media.

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If you have an all-in-one unit, such as the Hozelock Easyclear, your filtration system will have its own built-in pump. Constantly being submerged in water can have a negative impact on the mechanics of this moving part.

To change your impeller, locate the pump housing and remove the old impeller before inserting the new one.

Always make sure that your unit is disconnected from the power source before performing any repairs.

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Other parts

Your pond filter has many other small parts that need to be checked regularly. Screw sets, O-rings and hose-tails are readily available for all brands of filters. Replacing a small part such as these can make huge difference to the life of your filter. We also have a full range of service kits in stock, so you can have a store cupboard of spares for your particular filter, should anything happen.

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We are able to order specialist spare parts direct from manufacturers, so if you are having difficulty finding the right spare part for your filter, feel free to get in touch.