How Does a Pond Vacuum Work

Your pond pump and filter do a great job of keeping the water in your pond looking its best. However green algae, sludge and dirt can build up on the surfaces within and around your pond and spoil its well-cultivated appearance. Luckily there are amazing solutions out there to tackle this problem, and here at Aquatix-2u, we provide a wide variety of tools to suit your needs.

Pond Vacuum's are a quick and easy solution for keeping your pond in shipshape condition. There are various models available to suit a wide range of budgets from the simple yet effective Pisces Venturi Vac at only £28.99, the midrange Hozelock Pond Vacuum at £106.99 or a more professional option like the Oase PondoVac 4 starting at £319.99.

How Do Pond Vacuums Work?

Pond vacuums work by using a water pump which sucks up the water through either a muslin bag or a specialised container (depending on the vacuum you have). The water then gets pushed out of the discharge pipe, ready to go back into your pond or elsewhere. This then allows you to deposit the pond sludge elsewhere to keep your pond clean and clear.

*Useful Tip* - The sludge collected from your pond is actually a fantastic plant fertiliser, so instead of throwing it away you can use it for your garden!

What can a Pond Vacuum Tackle?


String algae
This pond pest floats in the water and is easily identified by its green colour and long tendrils- quite similar to seaweed. Most pond vacuums can be used to remove this and other soft weeds that might be found floating in your pond water.

Your Pond's Floor
It is common for sludge to build up on the pond's floor. This can be a combination of earth and rotten plant material that combine to form this viscous, mud-like substance. A pond vacuum can be used on the very bottom of your pond to suck this up. This way you will be able to see right through your crystal clear water. Sludge can also be broken down with a water treatment like Cloverleaf Sludge Answer so you may wish to use a two-fold approach.

If your pond uses pebbles or stones as a lining, these can become covered in dirt sludge or algae. Most pond vacuums will have a nozzle small enough to clean the surface of the pebbles and the areas in between. This is also great for pond decorations and ornaments which can get grubby over time.

Pond Threshold

One of the most important uses for a pond vacuum is to keep the pond threshold free from slippery sludge or algae. Unless your lawn runs to the edge of the pond, dirt can cause the area to become hazardous. You can vacuum up this grime just as you would use a normal vacuum cleaner.

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