Lighting Your Pond in Style

Your pond has had a lot of time and effort spent on making it look its best, and all this hard work deserves to be noticed during the evening as well as during the day.  There is a range of lighting styles and options available, which when used creatively can bring your pond to life at night.

Illumination in the Pond

Placing lights around your garden and pond can create a fantastic ambiance and can really bring the garden to life. You can choose to illuminate features by placing the lights strategically around or inside the pond, these can be used effectively to focus on specific areas such as waterfalls and water features. Outdoor Lighting can be a very cost effective way of adding a new dimension to your pond and garden.


Pond Lighting Tips

By using a variety of different lights and combining different styles of lights together, you can really create something special and personal for your pond. A great way of adding light around the perimeter of a pond is by using LED rope lights which can be attached around ponds, furniture, patios and anything you can imagine.

For a great value solution choose from a wide selection of LED lighting solutions. LED lights can often be supplied or fitted with a Solar Panel which charges during the day. These cost saving solar powered lights are a great and effective way of lighting areas of the pond or garden without investing in outdoor power solutions, and can be a great solution to placing light in hard to reach areas.
Another interesting approach is to use Velda’s Floating Island with Lights. These Floating Islands can provide a creative and stylish way of planting aquatic plants. Not only is it a great solution to lighting up your pond, it also shows off your aquatic plants as well as adding an interesting element to the pond.

To view the Velda Floating Island with lights - Click Here


Versatile Lighting

Having lights that can add the best views around your garden and pond has never been easier with the variety on the market today

The Oase Pondostar LED sets are energy-efficient compact LED spotlights that can be used above and below the water surface to create striking effects around the pond.

The sets are easy to install and can be placed around the garden and within features to enhance the look.


To view Oase Pontec Pondostar Click Here


Choosing the right lighting can really enhance the look of your pond, and after all the work you put into it, it deserves to be shown off. To find out more and view our full range of Pond Lights: Click Here