Kickstart Your Winter with Wheatgerm Fish Food

As summer comes to an end and the winter months start to creep in, your fish will start to slow down and become less active.

Fish are Poikilothermic (basically they are cold blooded), their body temperatures fluctuate with the environment meaning that when the water in the pond gets cooler, so do your fish. This directly results in them becoming lazy as they start slowing down in preparation for a period of semi-dormancy. While the fish will still eat, they are often unable to digest the food properly because of their slowed down metabolism.


That's where Wheat Germ comes in

Wheat-Germ Fish Food is low in protein; making it a great, highly nutritional diet for rapid digestion and is an excellent choice for feeding in low temperatures.


When to Start Feeding Your Fish Wheatgerm

 A gradual change of food is necessary to help your fish adjust to their new diet. It is important to monitor your ponds water temperature using a thermometer so that you can determine when to start the transition to Wheat germ

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 In the fall when temperatures begin to drop you will want to ensure that your fishes diet is switched completely to Wheat Germ by the time the temperature is 50deg Fahrenheit / 10 deg Celsius, you can do this gradually so your fish get used to the change in diet. As the temperatures continue to drop, gradually increase the ratio of Wheatgerm food.


 When your pond water reaches 40 deg F/4 deg C, stop feeding your fish altogether. In the Spring when temperatures start to rise above 40 deg;   F/4 deg C, you can start to feed your fish Wheat Germ food again to get them back into eating. As temperatures continue to climb back up, you can gradually wean your fish back onto protein-based fish food.


 By providing your fish with the right nutrients to support their health in winter, you can help them build strong immune systems so that they can fight off any parasites and viruses that may creep up in the spring.

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