10 Things you need to know about the Velda Eco-Stream pond pump



When searching for the perfect pond filter to pump, to kick off your journey into pond keeping- or to replace your existing pump- take some time considering all available options. You may have already considered some of the more famous pump-producing brands, however there are others which have poured their years of pond expertise into some exciting hi-tech offerings.  So without further ado, let us introduce the Velda Eco-Stream pump. A promising contender in the pond pump race:






1.       The Velda Eco-Stream is environmentally friendly



The pump’s energy efficient design means that it can pump large volumes of water using relatively little electricity.



2.       It can save money on your energy bills



Its low environmental impact also has a positive effect on your energy consumption and the less your pond pump uses, the less you pay for.



3.       It is very safety conscious



The pump comes with a built-in device which switches off to prevent overheating. This is completely sealed off from the water.



4.       It works in harmony with your surface skimmer



The pump comes complete with an adjustable twin inlet system. This means you are able to take water from two different sources. One source can be used with a skimmer.



5.       It’s built to last



The Velda Eco-Stream has ceramic bearings and stainless steel pump features making it corrosion resistant and incredibly durable.



6.       Great for creating water displays



The Eco-Stream pump has a high capacity and runs at high pressure which is great for creating stunning water displays.



7.       It gives you total control



Its twin flow comes with a fully adjustable nozzle, allowing you to limit the flow from each inlet according to your needs.



8.       Great for large ponds



This pump can power an extensive filter system thanks to it’s high volume and high pressure outputs.



9.       It uses a Super Vortex Impeller



This clever piece of technology means the pump can move dirt particles up to 6mm, keeping your pond spotless.



10.   It is impervious to dirt particles



However, those dirt particles have no chance of getting in and damaging the pumps. They are secured in specially constructed housing, to keep them out of reach of pesky particles.






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