Feeding your Pond Fish


Adding fish to your pond can make it come to life. They bring colour and interest whilst giving an exciting element to your garden.     

When you invest in a stock of fish it is important to care for them properly; for their wellbeing and also to ensure they keep their natural vibrancy. With so many types of pond fish food available, it can be difficult to guarantee that your fish receive the correct nutrition.     

Pond fish food comes in pellet, stick and flake form but this largely comes down to personal preference. The most important consideration is the type of fish you have in your pond and their specific nutritional needs. 



Goldfish need a varied diet containing fats, vitamins and minerals. In order to keep their vibrant colours, they also need food containing high levels of carotenoids- which help develop their orange pigment.     

Why not try…Nishikoi Multi Sticks -This food is a low budget option for goldfish keepers and those with mixed ponds.  


Koi are extremely popular with pond enthusiasts. Famous for their orange and white pattern, they are a truly ornamental breed. Pond keepers can use food to help enhance this striking look. Like goldfish, they need a high quantity of carotenoids, however specially formulated Koi products deliver these in a way which does not compromise the contrast of the fish’s white areas.

Why not try…Hikari Gold Pellets-This product’s pellet-form helps to eliminate

over-feeding and is an economical way of nourishing your stock. It is also high in protein to build strong dynamic specimens.

Tip: Your Koi and goldfish’s diet should also be supplemented according to the season. In winter the performance of your pond filter will be reduced, so it’s important that your fish do not produce too much ammonia.

Wheatgerm based products such as Nishikoi Wheatgerm Pellets are high in fibre and low in proteins, so result in less waste. Your fish are also less active in the winter, so don't need to eat so much.     

When water temperatures are higher (and your fish are more active), you can supplement your fish’s diet with extra nutrients in the form of growth pellets.

For an impressive stock of fish, try Saki Hikari Growth Pellets 

Sturgeon & Sterlet

 These unusual-looking breeds are becoming increasingly more popular with pond keepers. These species have very different nutritional needs to those of Koi and goldfish. Sturgeon and sterlet are intolerant to the high fibre content found in ordinary pond fish food. They also prefer a sinking diet, contrary to Koi and goldfish.     

Why not try…Nishikoi Sinking Pellet Fish Food 

This Sinking Pond Food is made from only the most digestible proteins, making it the perfect form of nutrition for your fish.

When to feed your Pond Fish 

How often you feed your pond fish depends on the time of year, fish are cold-blooded animals and use the water to regulate their internal temperatures. During summer when the water is warmer fish’s metabolism is very high so they will need to be fed 2 -4 times per day. In winter fish are a lot more sluggish and only need feeding every 1-2 days.     


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