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King British 6 in 1 Water Test Strips

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Key Features

  • Quick and Easy to use Dip Tests
  • Up to 150 Tests per box (across 50 test strips)
  • For use in Aquarium and Pond Water
  • Test Water quality
  • Handy Comparison Chart Included
  • Use After Using Fish medicine and Water Treatments, when Water Quality has Changed or when Fish Appear Ill.
  • Use Once a Week as Part of your Maintenance Routine


King British 6 in 1 Water Test Strips

Any avid pond or aquarium keeper knows, the quality of the water the fish lives in is one of the most crucial factors affecting the health of fish.

Regular testing of the water is vitally important for maintaining a well balanced ecosystem.

Using the King British 6 in 1 Water Test Strips you can easily monitor the levels of Ammonia, Nitrate, Carbonate Hardness, Nitrite, pH and General hardness.

If a problem is identified, you can act quick to sort the problem before it effects the health of your fish.

Simple to use dip strips. Dip into the aquarium or Pond water and the water will soak into the small pads on the test strip. Then compare these to the chart guide supplied in the pack.


1 box of up to 150 tests (50 strips -25 for Ammonia and 25 that measures 5 other levels together on one strip =50 Total)

Tests levels of-





General Hardness

Carbonate Hardness

Simply dip the test in the water and compare the coloured pads to the chart included in the box


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