KCT 8ft Wooden Pet Run

KCT 8ft Wooden Pet Run


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Our 8ft KCT Wooden Pet Run provides a large amount of space for your pet to explore, exercise, and enjoy.

The KCT 8ft Wooden Pet Run is relatively large in size and opens at the top at both ends of the run so that you can access your pets easily. The opening roofs can be secured with the provided latch. Simply secure the panels with the provided screws and place the lid on top to create a safe environment for your pet.

The 8ft Wooden Pet Run is perfect for allowing your guinea pigs, tortoises, hedgehogs and other small pets space to roam safely in your garden. Please remember to provide some form of protection against harsh weather conditions (wind, rain, snow, strong heat etc.) in the form of a wooden box or something of a similar nature if you're leaving them unsupervised for a number of hours. Please search for our pet runs with Asti Boxes if you wish to purchase a pet run & hutch/box bundle. Always remember to leave out the necessary food and water if you're leaving your pet unsupervised for extended periods of time.

The enclosure consists of a strong wooden frame, lined with a metal screen mesh. This helps to keep your pet secure and most importantly safe from predators.

This pet run is not designed nor suitable to act as a permanent home and is instead meant as a temporary run for your pet to explore/exercise safely away from harm.


Overall Dimensions: 100 x 240 x 48.5cm (Width x Length x Height)

Gap between mesh: 1.2cm

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