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Interpet Anti Hair Algae Aquarium Treatment 125ml

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Key Features

  • For use in Coldwater and Tropical Freshwater
  • Harmless to filters, fish and plants
  • Helps to control String, hair like algae in aquariums
  • Simple to use 125ml Treatment


Hair Algae can be a nuisance in an aquarium. The string like menace can create an unsightly looking aquarium and can prevent plants from flourshing.

Interpet Anti Hair Algae treatment is an effective way to control this algae. Hair Algae, which can be green, black or brown in appearance, thrives in an aquarium that has excess light and nutrients. These combined together can help the string hair like algae to grow. As it grows it can restrict plants from growing and can make the aquarium look grimy.

The treatment can be used in Coldwater and Tropical Freshwater system and is harmless to filters and all species of plants and fish.

Simply add the Interpet Anti Hair Algae Treatment to your aquarium by using the recommended 1ml treats 9 litres dosage guide


125ml Bottle treats 1125 Litres (247 gals)

Contents: 1 x125ml bottle

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