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Blagdon Affinity 5w UVC Upgrade Kit

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Key Features

  • Clears green water algae quickly and permanently
  • High output
  • Proven reliability
  • Compact Design
  • Adds even more cleaning power to your fantastic All-In-One system


Upgrade your Inpond All-in-One to include a Green Water Clarifier to permanently clear stubborn green water.

Algae will flourish when there are excess nutrients in the water and excess sunlight to fuel photosynthesis. As well as being unsightly, the algae can change the balance in the water, which can be lethal for fish.

An effective way of resolving green water is to add a green water clarifier.

It is a harmless and permanent solution to eliminating green water from your pool.

Adding the Green Water Clarifier gives you a ‘Clear Water Guarantee’.


5w UV lamp

13 metre cable

Ip68 rated

230 Volt /50hz

CE approved


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