Velda I-Tronics & T-Flows Blanket Weed Controllers

As the temperatures rise during the summer months, the water conditions, unfortunately, become perfect for some unwanted guests such as algae. A “Spring Bloom” of algae is common with most pond owners, however, if it is not managed it can become an eye sore, especially later during the summer months.

Extended exposure to sunlight, warm water temperatures, high phosphate and CO2 levels can all contribute to pond algae growth.

Thanks to Velda, we now have an extremely efficient and reliable way of tackling algae problems. They have come up with a revolutionary way of removing fibrous and slimy algae from your garden pond, by using the latest technological insights and innovations without the need for chemicals or ultraviolet lights.


Velda I-Tronic Blanket Weed Controller
The I-Tronic houses an anode made from a mineral copper alloy which has been developed by Velda, and a cathode made from stainless steel to form the core of the I-Tronic.

With the help of a microprocessor unit, pulses are generated which are guided to the core of the I-Tronic. These pulses release positively charged copper ions which control algae in a natural and chemical-free way (also known as mineralization).

In specific concentrations, these ions are a natural killer of algae and only needs between a range of 0.2 and 0.3 ppm (mg per litre of water) to clear your pond. Both the I-Tronic and T-Flow rarely exceeds 0.3 ppm even when run continuously so are completely efficient and safe to use in your pond.

A suitable water pump will be required to pump the water through the core of the unit, which then brings copper ions into the pond water. Simply connect a hose line from the water pump into the I-Tronic, and then another coming from the I-Tronic back into your pond water and you’re all set.

The Velda I-Tronic is easy to set up and program by way of 3 push-buttons. The unit allows you to set the device up to turn on and off at a specific time that you set. You can also regulate the intensity of the I-Tronic (0-50%) so you can choose a specific percentage of copper ions injected into the pond water.

For a basic and hassle free way of eliminating algae, the Velda I-Tronic is the way to go.

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Velda T-Flow Tronic Blanket Weed Controller

A more advanced successor to the Velda I-Tronic is the Velda T-Flow Tronic, which does everything the I-Tronic can do but with additional extras which make it a more advanced unit.

Much like the I-Tronic, the T-Flow Tronic will need a suitable water pump to push water through the unit, and also uses charged copper ions to control algae in a natural and chemical free way. However, with more fine-tuned features and controllable parameters, the T-Flow makes tackling algae even easier.

The T-Flow Tronic allows you to setup the device to function as and when required via various settings applied using the display unit. Like the I-Tronic, you can regulate the intensity of the T-Flow Tronic so you can choose the best settings to tackle the algae formed in your pond with maximum control. You can set the unit up to function from a percentage range between 0 to 100% intensity, depending on how much algae is in your pond.

With a temperature sensor built in, the T-Flow Tronic automatically detects when temperatures drop below 12 degrees, and come winter will automatically know to switch off to save you money on your electricity bills. Once temperatures climb back up, the unit will switch itself back on ready in for spring. Once you have your T-Flow Tronic setup, you can lock your settings and deactivate the display unit to prevent any inadvertent changes for that extra peace of mind.

To view the Velda T-Flow Tronic Blanket Weed Controller, Click Here


The concentration of the positively charged copper ions in both the I-Tronic and T-Flow are absolutely safe for humans, animals and plants even when used continuously, making for a perfect way of controlling and eliminating algae growth.

The I-Tronic and T-Flow come in a range of different models so you can find the right model for your ponds size.