Oase Premium Pond Filtration


For those of you who are looking for the best low maintenance Pond filter available to buy, you can’t go far wrong with Premium systems that the revered manufacturer Oase produce.

Trusted by many professional Koi keepers as a company that offers some of the most reliable and robust solutions that you could install, here we will look at the most sought after products in their premium filtration range:

Oase FiltoMatic Filters

Thanks to Oase, Premium filtration and all the benefits are available to the owners of small and large ponds alike.

For those with a water volume up to 25,000 litres, one of the best filter ranges available is the Oase FiltoMatics with their Intelligent functions that adapt to the seasonal changes of your pond.

A stand out component of the FiltoMatic is the automatic sludge discharge feature which helps self-clean at programmed intervals; this effectively reduces the requirement to manually rinse the filter foams as often as other pond filters this size.

The integrated UVC unit can also be conveniently set-up to adjust its operation as the water temperatures change, offering you up to 40% power saving by shutting off when not required.

Finally this space saving compact filter can be buried upto 70% below ground and can be concealed with the additional FiltoCap accessory, making the unit the ultimate discreet, user friendly and low maintenance pond filter system.

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Oase Biotec ScreenMatic Filters

For larger ponds up to 140,000 litres look towards the superb Oase BIotec ScreenMatic Flow through Filters.

They can filter such large volumes of water thanks to their integrated “Screenex” sieve that protect the filter foams by separating any coarse debris at the initial stage of filtration. Collected sludge and sediment can then be removed simply via a dedicated waste basket for easy emptying. This separation stage also adds oxygen and allows the massive surface area of Foams and Bio Media to be much more effective at cleaning the water and removing harmful pollutants.

As with all Oase products, you will find plenty of features on the Biotec ScreenMatics that either increase the performance or reduce maintenance effort. Like the ability to clean the filter foams without removing them from the filter and the option to bolt a UVC unit directly to the filter for an easy upgrade/integration.

To see the available models including Oase Biotec ScreenMatic Sets which come complete with pump and UVC Click Here

Oase ProfiClear Premium Compact Filters

Bodies of water such as natural ponds, swimming pools or large heavily stocked koi ponds will impose the most rigorous requirements on a filters capability. By combining Drum Filter and Moving Bed technology into a single unit, the Oase ProfiClear Premium Compacts are a Modular filter system that offer an unequalled filtration standard for the footprint which they operate in.

Fish waste, sediment and pond debris don’t stand a chance and are removed from the water and held within the drum. Then a smart sensor detects the point at which drum requires clearing. At this stage the filter automatically initiates high pressure water jets to dislodge the sludge which is then expelled through an outlet pipe.

And because this system is modular, more units can be added to meet the needs of the largest water volumes or allow you to upgrade with ease should you wish to extend your pond in the future.

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Not sure what you need or looking to go even bigger? Contact our Help Team who will be happy to advise on pond projects of all sizes