Upgrading Your BiOrb Aquarium

Here at Aquatix-2u, we supply a wide range of spares and accessories to help keep your BiOrb Aquarium in perfect shape, allowing you to easily upgrade your fish tank to your liking.

BiOrb HALO MCR Upgrade Kits

The BiOrb HALO MCR Upgrade Kits give you an innovative way of swapping the lighting unit on your HALO without the need for a whole new Aquarium. While the original Halo tanks were provided with Standard or Moonlight LED lights inside them, BiOrb have now made it easier for you to upgrade from your existing set up and convert to the new MCR system.

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BiOrb Replacement LED / MCR and Intelligent Light Units

Oase BiOrb supply a large range of replacement LED light units for the BiOrb Aquariums which gives you more choice in the way to customise your setup.

Light Units to Choose From:

  • Standard LED Lighting - A high quality, bright white LED light unit.
  • MCR LED Lighting- The Multi-Coloured Remote Lighting features 16 pre-set RGB colours which can be changed remotely, along with the brightness of the lights aswell. Being LED and low wattage, the LED light system is extremely efficient and can last up to 50,000 hours.
  • Intelligent LED Lighting - The Intelligent LED Lighting is a long life unit with 5 automatic lighting modes. With its 24 hour automatic cycle, the LED unit simulates an array of light cycles including daylight, sunset, sunrise and moonlight.

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BiOrb LIFE & FLOW Replacement Light Trays and Colour Inserts

Replacement LED Clear Light Tray

The clear LED Light tray is specifically developed for the Life or Flow 15 and 30 range of aquariums and is easy to install on the top of the aquarium. The tray is designed to protect your LED light from any water damage or being covered in algae growth. The light unit (not provided) sits neatly inside the tray and is easy to access and fit. The tray is needed for the coloured inserts to be used.


Replacement Coloured Inserts - Available as Black or White

The coloured inserts sit neatly in the top of the clear Light trays and are ideal if your existing insert has been damaged or if you simply fancy a colour change. Simply slot inside the Clear tray, replace your LED light and your aquarium is back to normal again. Note- Clear Light tray is needed for the inserts to be used.

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BiOrb Service Kits

Maintaining your BiOrb Aquarium is important for keeping your fish tank clean and your livestock healthy. Luckily, BiOrb makes this easy by offering service kits that give you everything you need. The standard BiOrb Service Kit contains a replacement filter cartridge, a cleaning pad, 5ml of water conditioner and 5ml of biological booster. Ideal for a quick and hassle free way of keeping your aquarium in prestine condition.


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BiOrb Decoration

Fancy a change of scenery? For many, decorating the Aquarium is one of the most enjoyable parts of setting up a fish tank. With BiOrb's wide selection of ornaments and decor, you are well and truly spoilt for choice. Having decor in your Aquarium allows your fish to feel right at home, giving them plenty of areas to hide and roam around.

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