biOrbAIR | The Self-Sustaining Automatic Terrarium from biOrb

Bring the delights of a tropical forest into your home with the biOrbAIR - a sophisticated, fully automatic Terrarium that creates the most perfect micro-climate suited for growing tropical plants indoors. For plants such as Orchids, Bromeliads, air plants, mosses and even carnivorous plants, the biOrbAIR will take care of them while you sit back and relax.

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Here at Aquatix-2u, we have put together a short guide which breaks down the different components included in the biOrbAIR, so you can get more familiar with how it all works.

Laying the Foundations

The biOrbAIR uses a capillary matt that draws water up into the compost from the hidden away water reservoir located in the base of the Terrarium. Alongside this is sterilised coir compost, which provides a flawless growing substrate to cultivate the plant roots. A great feature of the biOrbAIR is the Capillary Matt, which reduces the chances of the plant roots soaking up too much moisture which in return can eventually cause them to rot.


Lighting Up Your biOrbAIR

There is absolutely no need for natural sunlight in the biOrbAIR, which makes it perfect anywhere around the home or office.

The biOrbAIR uses an LED light fixture built into the lid of the unit, which provides the Terrarium with a perfectly balanced light source, helping to encourage healthy plant growth all year round. The light unit is arranged using 6 LED lights that are evenly spread out to prevent the plants from bending towards a single light source along with being on a 24 hour automatic light cycle. This simulates sunrise, daylight, sunset and night time, making the biOrbAIR look as natural as possible all day long.

What About Airflow?

To discourage stagnation and condensation forming inside of the biOrbAIR, a continuously running fan fixed inside of the Terrarium recycles the air through a replaceable Carbon Filter. Fresh Air is regularly introduced into the biOrbAIR as part of the automatic circulation process built right into the Terrarium.

Watering Plants in the biOrbAIR

The biOrbAIR uses an inbuilt misting module which maintains the humidity levels inside of the Terrariums micro-climate. By adding water to the ultrasonic mister mounted in the top water reservoir, the biOrbAIR will automatically take care of your watering duties. Just be sure to keep an eye out for when it needs to be topped up.

Decorating the biOrbAIR

To compliment live plants in your Terrarium, biOrb produces a range of super-realistic ornaments perfect for use with the biOrbAIR. For instance, the specifically made Terrarium Rockwood and Bogwood ornaments are made out of synthetic but lifelike resin, meaning it is totally inert and will not effect the plants around it.

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Other Uses for the biOrbAIR

The biOrbAIR can also be used as a Terrarium/Vivarium for keeping certain species of frogs or even invertebrates! The biOrbAIR replicates the conditions found under the tropical forest canopy, providing a great habitat for keeping little critters.

The biOrbAIR really is a unique and stylish addition to the home and makes a perfect choice for those who have a busy schedule, but also want to have an attractive tropical display. To find more information on the BiOrbAIR, Click Here.

We also stock a range of spares for the biOrbAIR to enable you to keep your terrarium in perfect shape here.