Setting up a Pond System

When creating a garden pond, keeping your pond clean and clear should be near the top of your list of considerations. Green algae and harmful bacteria can cause problems, particularly if you want to keep fish in your pond. Thankfully there are a wide range of solutions available in order to transform your pond into the healthy, clear oasis that you desire.


Pond Filters

Similar to an aquarium filter, a pond filter unit will pass your pond water through a series of chambers to remove bacteria, larger particles, and green algae.  As ponds can vary vastly in size, it is important to choose the correct filter for your pond based on its volume.

You can work out the volume of water in your pond by multiplying its surface area by its depth. To calculate the area simply multiply the length at your pond’s longest point by the width at its widest point.  You can also input your measurements into our pond size calculator to do the work for you.

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Filter Pumps

A pump is an essential piece of kit in order to ensure that the water in your pond is filtered evenly.  Filter pumps are specially designed for pond cleaning and can handle the solid particles that your filter will extract.  

In order to keep your pond clean and healthy, it is crucial to establish the necessary flow rate of your pump. The flow rate simply means how much water is passed over the filter in an hour.  If you keep fish in your pond, it will require a greater flow rate as the water will need to be cleaned more often. For a pond containing only plants, the desired flow rate is half the volume water in the pond.

  • If you keep goldfish you will need to ensure that ¾ of the pond water is filtered per hour.
  • For Koi keepers, the flow rate should be the entire volume of the pond per hour, as Koi produce a lot of waste.

You should refer to your pond size calculation when comparing the flow rates of various models.

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UVC Units

To add an extra element to your pond system, why not consider a UVC unit? These contain UV bulbs which help treat the water for green algae. These are great for fish keepers as they ensure a perfect view of your stock.

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Individual Units vs All-in-one Systems

For complete control and a personalised filter system, you can purchase these units separately. However, all-in-one units are available. For new pond keepers or those with busy schedules, these are ideal as they can be submerged into your pond and plugged in easily, with few wires.

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Very Large Ponds

Be aware that very large ponds will need a professional filter system To purchase pond products, or for more pond keeping advice, take a look at our range: