Aquarium Filtration for Healthy Happy Fish

Fish are low- maintenance pets, however, it is still important to undertake those few vital tasks in order to ensure their health and longevity.  Maintaining a clean aquarium is an integral part of keeping fish. Algae and waste can build up inside your tank obstructing your view and harming your fish. Fortunately, hi-tech aquarium filters will do most of the hard work for you. There are, however, still a few things to remember in order to keep your tank spick and span. Here are our tips:



How to purchase the right aquarium filter for your tank:



Aquarium filters work by allowing the tank water to be passed through various media in order to remove large and small particles.  Choosing the right filtration system is based on the size of your tank.  Good filtration systems will specify how much water they can filter.



You can calculate the amount of water in your tank by multiplying its length, width and depth to find its volume. If you measure in centimetres your result will be in litres. For measurements in inches, your result will be in gallons. Alternatively, you can use our fish tank size calculator to work out your tank’s volume.



Smaller tanks will benefit from an internal filter. These are placed within your aquarium for a compact display. Internal aquarium filters are recommended for tanks up to 100 litres. These use sponge-like filter foams to extract debris and waste from your tank.



If you have a larger tank, an external filter can hold much more filter media and clean a larger volume of water more effectively. They will sit outside your tank so remember to factor this in when deciding where to place your aquarium. These pass your tank water through their chambers, removing dirt and debris, as well as harmful bacteria



Keeping your tank clean:



While your filter is a sophisticated piece of kit, you will still need to help maintain your aquarium. Aquarium filter media needs to be cleaned when it becomes clogged with debris build-up to ensure it works properly. You will also still need to change your tank water. A regular 20% water change will help to keep your fish happy and healthy.



You can find out more information, or purchase one of our aquarium filters here .