Save Energy with LED Aquarium Lights

After spending a lot of time and money creating your aquarium, it deserves to be seen in all of its glory during both the day and at night. Aquarium Lighting is perfect for bringing your Aquarium to life and can help to create fantastic lighting effects with ease, but what is the best way to go about it?
A great and easy way of lighting up your Aquarium is to use LED lights. LED lights are becoming more and more advanced as the years go by, and with the latest innovations In LED lighting technologies, it is not hard to find lights that would be perfect for your Fish Tank.


So what are the benefits of using LED Lights for your Aquarium?

• LED Lights are extremely energy efficient, so much so that in some instances they use up to 50% less energy to run than standard Aquarium lights.
• They are available in a variety of colours, sizes and shapes to suit your requirements.
• They help plants to thrive and grow.
• They enhance the appearance and colouration of both fish and live plants.


Aquarium Bubble Wands:

Interpet Aquarium Bubble Wands allow you to run energy efficient LED lighting along with an Air Curtain (when connected to an Air Pump) inside of your Aquarium with maximum flexibility.

Being easily mouldable, you can twist and bend the Bubble Wand around features, ornaments and decoration to create a brilliant and dynamic underwater feature. Not only will you have a visually stunning display, the Bubble Wand will oxygenate the water inside of your Aquarium helping to create a rich and healthy environment for your fish.

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Superfish Retro Fit Aquarium LED Lights:

If you already have standard fluorescent light tubes in your Aquarium setup, a great upgrade and energy saving choice are the Superfish Retro Fit LED Lights.

Although initially these LED lights cost slightly more than standard light tubes, they will save you up to 50% on energy consumption and serve up to 30,000 hours’, which in the long run will save you a lot more money.

The Superfish Retro Fit LED Lights provide an effortless and easy change over, and comes in various colours and sizes so you can pick the right one for your tank.  The Superfish Retro Fit Aquarium LED Lights make for a perfect and seamless upgrade to your Aquarium.

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With a wide range and various types of LED lights to choose from, you are spoilt for choice and you will easily be able to find a light that is right for you.

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