Food and Treats for Aquarium Fish

Just like any other animal, Aquarium Fish need the right nutrition in order to grow and thrive in their environment. Things like colouration, growth and longevity are all affected by what they eat so choosing the right diet plays a big part in keeping your fish strong and healthy.


How to Choose the Right Diet for your Fish

Depending on the type of Aquarium Fish you have, you may want to consider choosing a food that is specifically formulated for the species you are keeping, which contain all the essential nutrients and vitamins required for them to thrive. But if you keep various different species in one tank, you will need to find a suitable diet that caters for all the fish in the Aquarium.

Here at Aquatix-2u we supply a wide variety of fish foods from top-leading brands such as Tetra and King British, who offer foods catering for numerous types of Aquarium Fish species. Tetra, in particular, produces foods that can enhance the visual appearance of your fish or food that can reduce the amount of waste produced by your fish without sacrificing nutrition.

For example, the TetraPro Colour is an advanced daily diet by Tetra for tropical fish which contains additional Carotenoids. Carotenoids promote stunning natural colouration in your fish whilst providing all the necessary vitamins and nutrients for a strong and healthy life.

There are also some other factors you should take into consideration when choosing food for your livestock. For instance, different species may choose to dwell at the bottom of the tank for their food whereas others like to eat from the surface of the water, so picking a sinking or a floating fish food along with the pellet sizes is an important factor to consider when shopping for fish food.

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Feeding Schedules for your Fish

Feeding your fish regularly is important for keeping your Fish active and healthy, but it is also important not to overdo it. Quite a number of fish tend to be very opportunistic when it comes to food, and will often eat whenever they get the chance regardless of whether or not they are hungry.

Whatever species of fish you decide to keep, it is important to research care sheets to work out their husbandry requirements and also to work out a plan for when and how much to feed them.

To make your life easier, Aquatix-2u offers a range of automated feeders which can be set up to dispense accurate amounts of food at regular intervals which helps create a routine schedule for you and your fish. Not only does this prevent missing feeds, but it can also prevent over feeding too as you can control the exact amount and frequency of food servings.

These are a fantastic option especially if you are planning to go away for an extended period of time. In particular, the Fish Mate F14 Aquarium Feeder serves up to 14 individual meals which can be set to dispense food 1-4 times a day.

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