Pet Puuurfect Playpens by KCT

Whether it’s a puppy using furniture as a teething aid, or a cat knocking ornaments off the mantel piece, sometimes you need a way to secure your pet safely to help give you peace of mind when you’re not home, and to help keep your pet feeling secure.

Luckily, Aquatix-2u provides a variety of different pet play pen enclosures suitable for a wide range of pets, these can provide a perfect play area for your beloved pet.

Featuring a 4 panel design and available in 3 sizes, the Heavy Duty Playpen with Plastic Floor by KCT provides a spacious enclosure which allows your pet to play freely within a safe and secure location.

With its rectangular shape, this enclosure is easy to fit into any room and doesn't take up a lot of space which makes it ideal for home use. Along with the ease of use and practicality, the plastic floor allows for easy cleaning and protects your floor from any damage or mess.

Being quick to setup and dismantle, the Heavy Duty Playpen with Plastic Floor allows you to provide a safe and comfortable environment for young dogs and puppies, along with being perfect through all stages of whelping.

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Pet Pens are also great for use outside of the home or whilst traveling, such as the Pet Crates with Plastic Trays which come in 5 different sizes and features 2 securely latched doors to keep your pet’s safe inside.

Pet Crates are particularly ideal because of their practicality and easy storage, along with them being able to fit well into the back of most cars too (depending on size). This makes them particularly useful when travelling and makes for a perfect companion for a wide variety of uses.

Like the Heavy Duty Playpens, the Pet Crates include a plastic floor which perfectly sits at the base of the cage, and provides a comfortable foundation for your pet to use.

Pet Crates can also be used to aid with pet training purposes and is used a lot in particular with dogs for exactly this reason, and also some dogs feel most secure when they have a cage as their sleeping area too.

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Playpens, crates and carriers come a wide range of shapes and sizes to suit your needs, and here at Aquatix-2u, we provide you a good variety of choice at the most affordable prices.

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