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With over a million aquariums sold worldwide and a huge selection of different decorations and accessories, the biOrb brand has become a market leader in the world of aquatics. From aquariums to service kits, you will be sure to find a massive and complete range of products that will help you to create a stylish, modern and energy efficient setup for the whole family to enjoy.

biOrb prides itself on creating products that make fishkeeping accessible and enjoyable to all, whether you’re a beginner or experienced fish enthusiast looking for your next aquatic adventure.

biOrb Aquariums

biOrb are renowned for having the most modern and easy to use Aquariums on the market. With impressive features and specifications, the biOrb Aquarium range makes fish keeping easy work and allows you to spend more time enjoying your fish and less time cleaning and maintaining your aquarium.

biOrb use acrylic for all of their aquariums instead of glass which is commonly used by other aquarium manufacturers. Because of this, biOrb aquariums are stronger and visually clearer to look at due to the impressive qualities that acrylic has to offer.

Combined with integrated energy efficient LED light systems, biological filtration units and air pump, the biOrb fish tanks really do stand out from the crowd and are hard to beat for quality, innovation and style.


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LED Lighting

One of biOrbs specialties is their modern approach to illuminating aquariums by using LED Lighting systems that fit snug into the top of the aquarium tops. With a variety of different light units to choose from, such as standard LED lighting and MCR (Multi Coloured Remote), you can really make your biOrb come to life.

Along with creating a more naturally lit environment for your fish, LED lighting makes for an extremely energy efficient choice which will save you money in the long run, and selected LED units can be set on a cycle so that turning the lights on and off is completely automated, great for if you are away from home on business or on holiday.

The MCR units allow you to control the colours and functions of your tank from the comfort of your sofa by way of the remote.

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Easy Maintenance

Built into the biOrb aquariums is an integrated biological filtration unit, which uses microorganisms to keep your aquarium clean and healthy, this also takes care of all of the nasties that may be present in your aquarium. The biological filtration system is visually hidden away and features a seamless design to keep your aquarium clutter free.

The filtration units on the biOrb aquarium are extremely simple to maintain, just change over the cartridge when required and you’re all set! It couldn't be any easier.

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biOrb Decoration

biOrb have paid special attention to detail with all of their aquarium decoration, and have gone to great efforts to recreate the natural look of the environment that your beloved fish would naturally live in.

From Topiary decorative balls to different coloured Sea Fans, biOrb have you covered. From a winter theme to a rich coloured reef style aquarium, biOrb make it possible to mix and match various colours, shapes and sizes of decorative ornaments for you to create the perfect arrangement to suit you and the type of fish you are keeping.

The Samuel Baker range of ornaments feature the most realistic and eye catching designs that will bring your aquarium to life. The amount of detail that is on the biOrb Ornaments is breath taking, and easily integrates into aquariums flawlessly. Just add a layer of pebbles to the base along with some fake plants and you’ve got a superb looking aquarium for all to enjoy.

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biOrb have a great range of products to offer that cater for all fish types and aquariums. Whether its decoration or service kits, full aquarium setups or even heating appliances, biOrb gives you everything needed to keep fish in the best conditions for a rich, thriving life.