Filter Pumps for Superior Pond Filtration


Keeping your water clear of debris and solid particles is important for maintaining your pond in tip top condition. Pond filter pumps allow you to pump water whilst clearing any pollutants that may be in the pond.

When linked up to a suitable filter, the combination will help produce crystal clear water, resulting in a fresh and healthy pond environment for your livestock and plants. Pond Filter pumps are also perfect for pumping water to a waterfall or feature to provide an elegant and attractive display in your garden.

Not only does this look great, ponds benefit from the constant water movement as it helps to oxygenate the pond. This helps to keep the water oxygen rich which will benefit your fish and plants greatly. <

Filter pumps come in a wide variety, and it is important to choose a pump that can provide your pond with the best performance possible.  As a rule of thumb the total volume of your pond should be turned over every 2 hours for optimum filtration, which means that when you go to choosing a pump you need to make sure that the flow rate matches the requirements of the pond. Having a filter pump that pumps water too quickly or slowly also has an effect on the filters performance and should be considered when choosing.

Here are some examples of high quality filter pumps on offer here at Aquatix-2u:

The AquaMax Eco Premium pond pumps by Oase are a deluxe, fully equipped range of devices that feature an elegant design with clever operating elements to give you the best performance possible.

With its patented second inlet, it is now possible to connect other pond enhancing accessories such as the Oase Satellite Strainer or the Oase Aquaskim 40 Surface Skimmer. This allows you to have maximum control over your ponds filtration setup, making sure that all areas of the pond are taken care of.

The AquaMax Eco Premium features a unique frost protection system which prevents the pump from operating at low temperatures, making any chance of damage minimal.  Additionally, the 12000 and 16000 models both have a seasonal flow control system which will automatically optimise and reduce the flow rates in colder conditions to save you money on your running costs by up to 30%!

The AquaMax Eco Premium boasts reliability and longevity with its 5 year guarantee, and replacement parts are readily available for easy maintenance.

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Fish Mate Pumps with their award winning designs have long been a trusted go to pump for many pond keepers with their renowned great value performance and reliability.

Fish Mate produce a wide range of different sized pumps so you can find the right model to suit your pond. Each pump features ceramic bearings for extra longevity, along with the anti-clog filter design which helps to prevent large particles from entering the pump.

Additionally, most Fish Mate pumps include fountain attachments and the ability to control water flow between two outlet points. Not only does this allow for an easy set-up of a fountain display, it also lets you to run a filter system and/or waterfall at the same time from the same pump.

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Oase Pontec Pondomax Eco Filter Pumps are an efficient and reliable solution for getting impressive flowrates with very low running costs.

Capable of handling solid particles up to 8mm and including a multistage stepped hose adapter for easy installation, Pontec pumps give you a hassle free way to add a filter pump to your pond setup.

Whether you are trying to create a waterfall or a water display, the Pondomax Eco Filter Pumps are an excellent choice, designed to run comfortably 24/7 without a problem.

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Aquatix-2u offers a wide array of pond filter pumps ranging from brands such as Oase, Fish Mate, Velda and more. To view all of our filter pumps Click Here