All-In-One Practical Pond Solutions

All-In-One Pond Filter Systems provide a compact and hassle-free way of keeping your pond clean and clear within a single unit

Some pond keepers prefer to install separate components for pumping and filtering pond water, but if you are new to pond keeping (or simply have a small pond that doesn’t require an advanced setup), an all-in-one option is a great way to keep your pond in top shape.

With a complete filter system, you get everything you need in one package, allowing you to maintain and manage your pond with ease.

Oase Pontec Pondorell 3000 All In One System

 With an integrated pump, filter and 7 watt UVC, the Oase Pontec Pondorell 3000 is a compact and affordable way of supplying your pond with a complete setup that requires very little time and effort to install. 

The Oase Pontec Pondorell 3000 features several bio-mechanical cleaning components including coarse and fine filter sponges, bio-surface elements and bio-pure filter media to keep your pond clean, clear and healthy.

 Not only that, but we are giving away a FREE Fountain Kit which includes 4 stunning fountain heads, allowing you to create fantastic water displays in your pond.

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Blagdon InPond Filter Systems

For a more advanced total solution, the Blagdon InPond Filter Systems provide you with added water features and extended capabilities. 

The Blagdon InPond Filter Systems are an easy to install system which includes a filter, UV clarifier, pump, fountain head options and an LED light to allow you to enjoy spending time by your pond during the evenings.

Being simple to setup and supplied with a convenient handle , the InPond Filter Systems make an ideal choice for your pond. 


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