Create the Perfect Foundation for Your Pond

If you are thinking about or are in the process of making a pond, it is vitally important to get things right from the start.

Pond Liner Underlay
To start with, it is highly recommended to use an underlay as a foundation for any water feature or pond. Underlay adds a layer of protection for your liner, and helps prevent the liner from being punctured by roots or objects that may be lying beneath the soil.
Prolene Underlay is very strong and thin which makes it easily manageable to lay than other products on the market. Unlike felt alternatives, Prolene is much easier to lay in wet and boggy conditions as it doesn’t have the same tendency for water absorption, and it is also rot proof.
Sand can also be used as an underlay for your pond liner, but sand does not stick to the wall of the pond and therefore does not provide protection around the edges. It is recommended to use underlay as it is easier to work with and provides the best protection for your liner.

Lining Your Pond
Using Pond Liners can be a simple, affordable and highly effective method of constructing a pond. No matter what design you have in mind, Pond Liner is very adaptable and will fit many different applications. With a variety of different types of Pond Liner to choose from, it is important to know the differences, and which one would best suit your requirements.




• PVC Liners
For Small to Medium sized ponds, PVC is a great choice of Pond Liner to use. Because of its flexibility, PVC is ideal for lining a pond and can easily adapt to unusual shapes. PVC is also a very affordable choice of liner and the liners supplied by Aquatix-2u come with long guarantees.

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• EPDM Rubber Liners
For larger sized Ponds, EPDM Rubber Liners are superior in both strength and durability. EPDM is a synthetic rubber material liner, which is ideal for larger projects such as large ponds or lakes that require extra protection. EPDM is UV resistant and is also strong and durable which stops any holes or tears occurring and like PVC it is very mouldable, enabling you to fit the liner to any shape required. Furthermore EPDM Liners from Aquatix-2u carry up to a lifetime guarantee for peace of mind.

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• Pre Formed Pond Liners
For those who are looking for a simpler pond installation, why not consider Rigid Pre Formed Ponds. Pre Formed Ponds are an ideal choice for smaller pond projects as they are quick and easy to install and just need to be placed in a pre-dug hole.  These are perfect for gardens with limited space or beginner fish keepers.

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With the right foundations you can create a fantastic centre piece in your garden, to which you can add more features such as fountains and water features to really bring your pond to life.

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