Completing your Pond with a Water Feature




Creating a spectacular water feature in your pond will transform your whole garden by introducing stunning displays of movement and light.  Using a number of fountains together will create an impressive display. However the beauty of a water feature is that you can start small and then build up to achieve your ideal water feature, over time.



Adding a water feature to your pond also, has a practical benefit. It adds extra oxygen to the water as it moves it around you pond, which will help to keep your fish stock healthy.



Fountain Pumps



Adding a fountain to your pond is a great way of bringing a point of interest. It gives a relaxing feel and somewhere to focus the eye. You can enjoy the way the light is reflected in the moving water, plus the sound of running water will bring an air of tranquillity.



Fountains are traditionally placed in the centre of the pond as a striking focal point. You can adjust the flow of your pump to create a subtle or dramatic effect, plus most come with a range of nozzles to adjust the shape of your cascade. Choose from a bell shape, simple jet, foam and many more.



To install your pump in a small pond place the unit in the centre of your pond and safely connect it to an outdoor socket.  It is advisable to keep the pump unit away from the base of the pond as it can suck of debris from the bottom. You can use a large terracotta pot as a stand, or use some stone or slate slabs which will sink to the bottom.



For a large pond you may need to use a separate fountain pump and jet nozzle. This way you can place the pump unit at the edge of the pond, closer to the power supply. You can then connect the fountain jet to the pump using flexible hose.


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Adding Movement with a Rockaway



A fountain isn’t the only way you can add movement to your pond. Introducing a watercourse or rockway gives a subtle, natural looking effect. A rockway works in tandem with your pond pump to allow water to flow over it like a stream or babbling brook.  A watercourse or rockway is also a great way of bringing water back into your filter system.



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Small fountains and spitters



If you have a small pond but still want to achieve some movement and interest in your pond, you could consider a water spitter. These are incredibly simple to install. Some are even battery or solar powered, so you simply need to float them in your pond and away you go. Spitters come in a range of interesting shapes, such as animals and fairies so are great for gardens with children.



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