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Pond Filter 4 Pin UV Tubes for Laguna Filters

Sku: UTK123

Key Features

  • Will fit Laguna Pressure Flo Filters
  • 4 Pin, 1 ended bulbs
  • High Quality Replacement Tubes


Pisces Replacement UV Bulbs for Laguna Pressure Flo Filters.

When regular maintenance is undertaken on any pond filter or UV the results are clear within the pond. UVCs ensure pond algae clumps together to enable the filter to remove it effectively from the pond water

Ensuring the UV lamp inside any filter or UVC clarifier is replaced regularly gives additional benefit to the pond and life inside it.

These linear UV bulbs are unique and different to the majority of UV bulbs on the market. Each bulb has 4 pins located at just one end. Each end of the linear tube has a ceramic tip.

The tubes are designed with a slimline clear glass centre to maximise their efficiency.


11 Watt for Laguna PF2500

Dimensions: 225mm Long

11 Watt for Laguna PF5000

Dimensions: Length: 445mm

20 Watt for Laguna PF8000

Dimensions: 365mm

25 Watt for Laguna PF12000

Dimensions: 445mm

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