Velda Pro Tester 25 Test Indicator Strip Pack

Velda Pro Tester 25 Test Indicator Strip Pack

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Key Features

  • Genuine Velda product
  • Replacement test Strips
  • Pack of 25
  • For use with Velda Pro Tester
  • Easy to use


Velda Pro Tester 25 strips are a handy supplement to the Velda Pro tester

The strips are used in the new Velda water testing unit

The pack contains 25 test strips that can be used to test the quality of pond water and then placed in the Pro Tester for accurate results


Pack of 25 Strips Tests for - 

-pH - The pH is the acidity of the water and it is an important value to know when you use products for water and algae control. The right pH ensures the proper disinfection of your pool. Excessive pH causes calcium deposits and slows down plant growth in ponds and aquariums.

-KH(CH) - The KH is the carbonate hardness expressed in degrees DH. It represents the capacity of the water to function as a buffer. When the KH value is too low, acidification of the water may result, slowing down the growth of oxygen-producing plants.

-GH - The GH is the general hardness expressed in degrees DH. It represents the calcium and magnesium ions in the water. Excess levels of these minerals cause deposits and turbid water. When the GH value is too low, plant growth in the pond will slow down and acidification may result, especially in winter.

-NO2 - The NO2 content is the nitrite level in the water. Nitrifying bacteria convert organic components into ammonium, and then nitrite and finally nitrate. Too much nitrite (NO2) in the water is harmful for fish. Replace the filter materials and refresh part of the water.

-NO3 - Nitrates (NO3) enter the water in organic dirt from plants, garden fertiliser, urine or fish excrement. Water plants absorb nitrate but NO3 levels may become excessive when the nitrification process is disturbed, causing algal growth and green water.

-TA - The TA is the alkalinity of the water and it determines the stability of the pH level. When the TA value is right, the pH will be less sensitive to the impact of the weather and dissolved substances in the water. Remedies to improve water quality will also be more effective. Fish do not respond well to strong pH fluctuations due resulting from over-low levels of total alkalinity.

-CL2 - CL2 means the free chlorine in the water measured in mg/l. There should not be any CL2 in your pond/aquarium water because it destroys important bacteria.

-CO2 Levels - Aquatic water can tolerate some level of carbon dioxide but generally this should be below 20mg/L. Elevated CO2 levels in water can cause respiratory issues

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