Velda Classic Substrate 10kg/  10 L  Pond Water Gravel

Velda Classic Substrate 10kg/ 10 L Pond Water Gravel

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Key Features

  • Substrate concentrate with long-term effect
  • Promotes fast, secure adhesion and resistant roots
  • Natural product enriched with specific micronutrients and minerals
  • Long-lasting iron for rich green leaves
  • Porous structure and a large internal surface area for optimum growth capacity of microorganisms


Velda's Classic Substrate stands as the gold standard for nurturing garden pond ecosystems. This substrate has a lightweight and porous composition, ensuring optimal adherence for micro-organism proliferation and, consequently, crystal-clear pond water.

Essential for achieving a natural and sustainable equilibrium in garden ponds, the substrate plays a pivotal role in nurturing micro-organisms while providing ample nutrition for pond plant growth. Drawing upon years of expertise, Velda has formulated the Classic Substrate to reign supreme in the realm of pond nutrient media. Its open structure and expansive internal surface area facilitate maximum micro-organism growth, while its meticulously balanced composition, rich in minerals and trace elements, guarantees robust and consistent growth of aquatic flora like water lilies and marsh plants.

For optimal results, simply distribute a 2 cm layer of substrate across the pond bottom, whether in a new or existing pond. To further fortify the pond environment and stave off algal proliferation, consider supplementing with Bacterial nitrifying bacteria. With Velda's Classic Substrate at the helm, ponds are primed for swift development, biological equilibrium, and enduring clarity.


  • Suitable for about 4m² of pond soil or ponds having a content of 2,000 litres of water.
  • A high surface area allows for further micro-organisms to flourish.
  • Weight: 10kg
  • Volume: 10L

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