Tetra Test AlgaeControl 3in1

Tetra Test AlgaeControl 3in1

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Key Features

  • Helps to prevent algae growth
  • Can be used in both ponds and aquariums
  • 3 in 1 treatment - contains 25 test strips
  • Measures Phosphate, Nitrates, and Carbonate Hardness
  • Fast and easy testing


Tetra Test AlgaeControl 3-in-1 is the optimal aid for preventing algae growth in ponds and aquariums. It is important to test your pond or aquarium water regularly to ensure stable KH values and to check for other harmful chemicals.

With the Test AlgaeControl 3-in-1 you can measure water values such as nitrate (NO 3), phosphate (PO 4), and carbonate hardness (KH). The 25 included test strips makes it easy for you to control the most important algae parameters in your water.


Included: 25 test strips

What does it measure?

  • Carbonate hardness (KH) - Represents the hydrogen carbonate concentration which acts as a PH-buffer. A stable buffer capacity will be achieved by KH values >= 6&degdH. It's very important for stable water values to prevent a sudden drop in acid content. Treatments are available to help stabilise the KH and PH levels.

  • Phosphate - Build up of phosphates are an ongoing cycle in ponds and aquariums due to fish food and the decomposing process of organic matter. A partial water change is required if levels are too high. Treatment is also available to prevent levels getting too high. levels of < 2mg/L is desirable

  • Nitrate - An organic substance derived from nitrites which originate from fish excrement and decaying food. Nitrate can promote algae growth when found in quantities greater than 50mg/L in aquariums and 10mg/L in ponds. Good plant growth can help reduce nitrates. A partial water change should also be carried out if values are high. Aquatic plants are a good way to naturally reduce nitrate levels.
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