Tetra Pond Crystal Water

Tetra Pond Crystal Water

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Key Features

  • Quickly clears murky, brown water
  • Clumps particles so they sink, or are more easily removed by the filter
  • Safe for fish, plants and wildlife
  • Easy to use
  • Various Sizes Avaiable


Tetra Pond Crystal Water rapidly clears dirty pond water.

Part of having a pond is the enhanced enjoyment of watching the fish swim around. This can be hard to achieve if the pond water is murky, brown and not at its expected best.

TetraPond Crystal Water is the ideal treatment to help clear the brown water and produce a clear look.

The treatment works by clumping the particles that produce the murky water, so they sink or so they can be easily removed from the pond by a filtration system.

The result is crystal clear pond water.

Important not suitable for use in very soft water (carbonate hardness below 2°C)

Item is not suitable for use in ponds with Sturgeon


Shake well before use.

Add 50ml of CrystalWater per 1,000 litres (220 gallons) of pond water.

Use the dosing cap provided.

For even distribution, mix the required amount in a watering can full of water, and pour over pond surface.

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