Tetra Algumin Aquarium Treatment

Tetra Algumin Aquarium Treatment

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Key Features

  • For use at the onset of algae problems
  • Broad-spectrum action to combat all frequently occurring types of algae
  • Contains humic substances as a natural anti-algae agent
  • When used correctly, it is harmless to fish, plants and micro-organisms
  • Various size Treatments to choose from


Tetra Algumin is a mild biological treatment for combating algae in Aquariums.

When there is an increase in the build up of Algae in your tank it can become unsightly and can clog up your aquarium and its equipment. In all, it produces an unhealthy environment for the fish.

Tetra Aquarium Algumin contains natural peat extracts as well as the algicide Monolinuron, which is extremely effective in the prevention and control of algae.

When the treatment is added to the water, it slowly turns the water a darker colour and thus inhibiting the natural growth of algae.



100ml (treats up to 200 litres)

250ml (treats up to 500 litres)

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