TAP Twin Pack 1 Litre Sludge Buster and 1 Litre Barley Straw Balls

TAP Twin Pack 1 Litre Sludge Buster and 1 Litre Barley Straw Balls

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Key Features

  • Special Twin Pack offer - 1 Litre Sludge Buster and 1 Litre Barley Straw Balls
  • Effective and Easy to use Ball Treatments
  • Full of Natural Ingredients
  • Safe for Wildlife and Pond Life
  • Biodegradable Gel balls. Slow Release Treatments for Pond Water Conditions


The TAP Range of Aqua Balls have been developed to enable an easy delivery of key ingredients to any pond in an effective and safe slow release manner.

The balls are all made from biodegradable organic polymer which when added to the water release natural ingredients to treat the pond.

All balls are safe for pets, wildlife and the pond itself

Barley Straw Balls

Barley Straw is an effective and natural treatment to help keep a pond crystal clear and healthy. The TAP Pond balls can be added to the pond water where they slowly help to break down the algae present in the water. Add 100ml Barley Balls to your pond for every 450 Litres. Barley Straw Balls can be added directly to your pond or filter

Sludge Buster Balls

Sludge can build up at the bottom of the pond. The Sludge Buster balls help to reduce this build up by releasing enzymes to break down the sludge. The balls themselves work well in temperatures between 10 and 25 degrees Celsius and have been developed to work at all pH levels between 6 and 9.


Barley Straw, Sludge Buster

Each 1 Litre Tubs Treats: 4500 Litres (990 Gal)

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