TAP Pond Professional Start Filter Start Gel Boost

TAP Pond Professional Start Filter Start Gel Boost


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TAP Professional Filter Start Gel is specifically designed for the quick establishment of new biological filters as well as to provide existing filters with the nutrients needed for the encouragement of growth of healthy and effective bacteria.

TAP Professional Filter Start Gel is essential for new biological filters and for the continued efficiency of existing filters.

This product cannot be overdosed and is totally safe for all fish and pond life.


Sizes Available:

1 Litre (treats 15,000 litres of pond water)

2.5 Litres (treats 37,500 litres of pond water)

Maintenance Dose: Use weekly to ensure pond keeps in optimum condition.
New Filter Start-Up: Treat daily until ammonia and nitrate levels are not detectable.
Filter Booster Dose: Use daily for a minimum of 7 days to re-establish filter bacteria.

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