TAP No More Pond Sludge Water Treatment

TAP No More Pond Sludge Water Treatment


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Key Features

  • Removes Pond Waste and Debris
  • Fast Acting Advanced Powder based treatment
  • Contains infusion of natural minerals, enzymes and additives
  • Low clouding formula, reducing the cloudiness look of the pond within days
  • Easy to use


When waste and debris builds up in a pond system, ammonia and other dangerous chemicals become present in water, endangering the fish and plants inside. Breaking down and removal of this type of waste can seem daunting, but it is a vital step. Reducing and removing of this "brown water" improves clarity of water and increases oxygen levels.

TAP No More Pond Sludge Treatment is a fast acting treatment that has been developed with an infusion of all natural minerals, enzymes and additives. When this unique combination of chemicals is introduced into the pond, it quickly breaks the waste in order to effectively remove it.

Using Pond Sludge treatment, the waste is broken down into nitrogen, which helps to boost the performance of pond filters. The formula build up of the Advanced Powder treatment has been designed to produce a low clouding effect which can sometimes be seen from other similar treatments. Any cloudiness in the pond will clear after a few days, resulting in clear water.


Available Sizes

500g Treats - 5625 Litres (1250 Gallons)

1kg Treats - 11250 Litres (2500 Gallons)

2kg Treats - 22500 Litres (5000 Gallons)

4kg Treats - 45000 Litres (10000 Gallons)


Simply mix the powder, using the dose rate of one spoonful per 300 Litres (65 Gal), with pond water in a bucket and empty into the pond. DO NOT use tap water.

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