Superfish Ultrasonic Pond And Garden Protector

Superfish Ultrasonic Pond And Garden Protector

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Key Features

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Ultrasonic sound is barely, if not completely, inaudible to humans
  • Splash Proof
  • Built-in solar panel and 3 rechargeable batteries included
  • 5 alarm settings to chose from


The Superfish Ultrasonic Bird & Cat Protector operates with the use of an infrared sensor. The sensor has an adjustable range of up to 8 meters and, once triggered, harmlessly scares away any pond or garden pest (most notably cats and birds) with the use of an alarm, ultrasonic sound and/or flashing lights (LED).

The power for the product comes from a built-in solar panel and 3 rechargeable AA-batteries. Also included is a USB cable that can also recharge the batteries.

Installation is very simple. Simply place the product in the desired location, ensure the batteries are charged and select the desired ultrasonic sound frequency.


Range: 8 meters

Choice of 5 alarm settings:
0 = Off
1 = Loud Sound Alarm (4kHz/110 dB)
2 = Ultrasonic Sound (13.5kHz - 19.5kHz)
3 = Ultrasonic Sound (23.5kHz - 28.0kHz)
4 = Flash Lights
5 = Scrambling Ultrasonic Sound 2 and 3 in Combination with Flash Lights

Comes with a 1 year manufacturers guarantee

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